Senior Beach Day Transforms the Green

Danielle Balestra

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The class of 2014 seniors decided to get creative with the cliché and now school restricted ‘Senior-Skip Day.’


With the harsher school policy on Skip Day, the tradition seemed to have ended. Since the seniors couldn’t cut class to go to the beach, they brought the beach to M-A. To celebrate the end of APs and leave a lasting memory of their class, the seniors turned the Green into a senior-exclusive beach party. It included Slip n Slides, kiddie pools, and music. They also set up a beach volleyball net and school-appropriate “beer pong” with giant “red solo cups.”  Non-seniors came out to lunch on Wednesday surprised to find the Green completely transformed, and quite a substantial crowd stood along the edges to watch.


The original plan was to cover the Green in sand; however, the seniors wisely chose not to kill the grass and get punished for vandalism. It came as a surprise to many that the administration did not shut it down but rather chose to monitor the event.


Rumors indicate that the beach day was the this year’s Senior Prank. However, some seniors suggest that the class of 2014 isn’t quite satisfied.

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  1. Mark on May 16th, 2014 10:55 am

    Great article!

Senior Beach Day Transforms the Green