Boys and Girls Club Promotes Youth Musical Talent

Source: Kathleen Xue

Kiki Canny

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This past Sunday in the classic Fox Theatre in Redwood City, local teens and the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of the Peninsula came together to put on a Battle of the Bands (not to be confused with the M-A event last Friday), with about 40 attendees. Not only were the spectators responsive and full of energy, but so were the bands that came out to preform. The majority of the bands were actually high school students, representing schools such as Palo Alto High School, Gunn High School, and Saint Francis High School.


Bands performed a variety of genres, ranging from the Kinks to the Arctic Monkeys, as well as original songs, which made the show more than just a casual Battle of the Bands. It became “more of a showcase of talent, making students comfortable and able to share their passion,” said attendee Leslie Moore. “The BGC is a fantastic program, and this is one of the many things they do for local youth.” This was the first time the BGC did this type of fundraiser, and it was a huge success.


The BGC has a set a foundation for many kids and teens by allowing them exposure to technology and improving their academic performance. One of the things that they help students do is expand their passions; they help make them into a reality. Whether it’s dance or music, the club helps each child make his or her passions into something bigger that they can extend throughout their life. The program helps to keep youths on track for college or future careers. The BGC has programs throughout the summer and academic years, leaving opportunities for many students to get involved in the rewarding experience of being a volunteer.

If you’re interested in getting involved during the summer, check out the BGC website!


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Boys and Girls Club Promotes Youth Musical Talent