Student-Organized Compost Program Coming to Campus Next Year

Source: Noah Schneider

A compost bin about to talk to students about proper composting technique.

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Senior Georgia Reid, with the help of the SEEDS club, accompanying AP Environmental Science students, and Leadership, has organized a compost collection program to appear on M-A’s campus by the beginning of next year. This program will involve twenty compost bins across campus, located next to existing recycling bins.


Because “some previous students had cleared the [compost program] at the district level” funding-wise, Reid had two goals to accomplish in order to make this program a reality for students next year. As Mr. Powell informed her, the AP Environmental Science teacher and SEEDS club supervisor, she needed “a proposed plan that would prioritize the education of students about compost and a [cost-effective] method of implementing it.”


In terms of the program’s implementation, it was paramount that extra work not be added to the janitorial staff’s already hefty load. So, Reid discussed a plan with the Leadership class that would involve its members collecting the twenty compost bins on a weekly basis and disposing of their waste in a collection bin on campus, to then be collected by Recology, the local waste collection services, for processing at their plant.


The educational side of the organization of the compost program is the more delicate of the two. As a way to educate as many students on campus as possible about proper composting procedure, Reid is producing an informative video called the “Scrap Rap” with a team of three other APES students: Noah Schneider, Annalise Deal, and Chris Macrae.


The student body’s compost education plan will involve a component taking place in the four weeks leading up to the arrival of the compost bins on campus (tentatively scheduled for September fifteenth). This pre-bin phase will involve the regular broadcasting of the video made by Reid and members of her AP Environmental Science class, featuring a talking compost bin instructing students on proper composting practice, as well as live in-class announcements by SEEDS members speaking along the same lines.


In the first few weeks after the bins’ arrival at M-A, Leadership students will be monitoring the bins, making sure that students are using them correctly. Reid says that the advantage to having bin monitors, in addition to informative videos, is that they will be able to prevent students from putting items in the trash that could otherwise be composted.


In addition to her personal goal of making M-A more “environmentally sustainable,” Reid organized this compost education program in response to the administration’s wish that the compost program be worth its cost. In other words, it would be a waste of money for the district to fund this program if students didn’t use it or didn’t use it properly.


Keep a lookout for the compost bins next year, especially the talking one.

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2 Responses to “Student-Organized Compost Program Coming to Campus Next Year”

  1. llobdell on May 27th, 2014 6:57 pm

    I think that it is great that students are doing this. I just wish we had them this year.

  2. dbalestra on May 27th, 2014 9:01 pm

    I am really glad M-A is finally going to compost!

Student-Organized Compost Program Coming to Campus Next Year