Large Freshman Class Leads to Changes at M-A

Source: Connor Woods

M-A's halls are bursting with new faces in the first weeks of school.

Connor Woods, Editor-in-Chief

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As the 2014 school year begins, M-A students and administration alike have noticed a substantial increase in the size of the freshman class. Resulting from recent redistricting changes and overall influx of students from M-A’s feeder schools, the growth of student population on campus has led to many changes to the campus and staff that will unfold in the coming years.

As of the first week of school, M-A administration reports having just under 600 students in the freshman class. This rise from the typical class size of about 550 will continue to occur, and calls for an expansion of classrooms and teachers to accommodate the rise in students.

Three new portables have already been installed, expanding the number of classrooms on campus temporarily. However, the construction of new classrooms will take place over the next few years, and create a permanent solution to M-A’s ever increasing number of students.  Additionally, California Education Code 41376 calls for a new teacher with every 28 new students introduced to the school, resulting in a substantial increase in full-time teachers at M-A.

The M-A administration expects an even more dramatic size increase next year, a suspected rise from 2170 totals students this year to roughly 2300. As M-A swells to host this influx of students, many more changes will continue to unfold.

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One Response to “Large Freshman Class Leads to Changes at M-A”

  1. Louis McCabe on August 28th, 2014 9:18 am

    Pretty ominous ending, Connor!

Large Freshman Class Leads to Changes at M-A