School Loop: An Updated Grading System Comes to M-A

Source: Miranda Simes

The latest grading and communication system at M-A, as of the 2014-15 school year. (Logo from site)

Miranda Simes, Copy Editor

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This August, students were introduced to School Loop, the new online grading and communication system to be used in conjunction with Infinite Campus. The website serves to provide a platform for grades and to enable easier student-teacher-parent communication.

Rather than abolish Infinite Campus, M-A will continue to use the site for daily attendance records and for transcripts and will only transfer the communication services to School Loop. In addition, teachers will be able to send their grades from School Loop to Infinite Campus, according to Instructional Vice Principal Steve Lippi.

The decision to move to School Loop was made the spring of this year after several months of research, and district technicians spent the summer finalizing the change.

Lippi stated that the School Loop will solve problems posed by teachers’ differing systems and the difficulties these created for students and parents alike. Hopefully, School Loop will “make life a lot easier” by grouping all class information into an easily accessible calendar function.

For example, if a student has six classes and each of those courses has an assignment due on August 29, a calendar function on School Loop displays all assignments on a single day. School Loop also includes ‘LoopMail,’ an e-mail service that students can employ for student and/or teacher communication. Other features include groups and drop boxes for sharing media and documents.

M-A’s adoption of the site is not a particular case but in fact part of a widespread change. The entire Sequoia Union High School District, which includes Woodside, Carlmont, Redwood, M-A, and Sequoia, has adopted School Loop. In addition, schools such as La Entrada Middle School, Hillsdale, and Santa Teresa High Schools use the site, and their respective websites are powered through School Loop.

M-A’s goal, as urged by Superintendent James Lianides, is to have all teachers on School Loop by January. Foreseeing its permanence at M-A, Lippi acknowledged the “strong incentive to make [School Loop] work, and if there are any problems, to try and solve them.”


*To log into School Loop, use your student ID as username and your initials followed by birthdate as password (ex: John Smith born 3/14/1995 → js031495)


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One Response to “School Loop: An Updated Grading System Comes to M-A”

  1. Patrick Tam on August 26th, 2014 6:53 pm

    Was this change really necessary? Infinite Campus worked fine.. and now I can’t access my grades.

School Loop: An Updated Grading System Comes to M-A