Opinion: Opinion: The New iPhone 5

Photo Credit: photozou.jp

How will the iPhone 5 compare to the iPhone 4?

Apple recently released its design for the iPhone 5, which could be ordered online starting Friday, Sep. 14. The new features? A lighter and thinner design, a camera made out of sapphire (material made from an aluminum-glass compound cut with crystal diamond), 4G network, a larger screen, a new charger, new touch-screen technology, and, drumroll please: new headphones.

Let’s first take a moment to acknowledge the expert craftmanship that went into this incredibly sleek design, because obviously, we all need phones made from precious metals. Clearly, Steve Jobs’ absence has not altered Apple’s affinity for grand presentation.

Now for the most awaited component of all: the headphones. These headphones are not just any headphones: they are state-of-the-art  instruments designed by highly-trained experts who took into account both the acoustics and the shape. At last, the people of the world can drown themselves in a world of music without fear of their earbuds falling out or looking too much like a hipster with pseudo-vintage headphones.

The new charger is most definitely a plus. Its sole purpose is to force people to buy a completely different kind of incompatible charger. That’s sure to attract new customers.

But in all seriousness, the new features will have a positive impact on the efficiency of the phone. The fast-response touch screen is sure to bring over a few converts from old-fashioned keyboard phones, and the larger screen will make watching Hulu all the more enjoyable. Plus, access to 4G network means a reduced amount of time wasted waiting for Facebook to load, and the sapphire camera will take higher-quality pictures that can be posted to Instagram to make anyone look artsy.

Overall, Apple has some of the best products out there, and the iPhone 5 is sure to be a testament to its reputation. Just don’t forget to buy a new charger.