Opinion: It’s a Very Commercialized Christmas?

Photo Credit: Katie Gaherty

Christmas has turned into a commercially-focused season, rather than the spiritual cheer it was originally intended to be.

It’s that time of year again. The purchasing of fancy gifts are emptying pockets, bright lights are twinkling from house to house, billboards are advertising Walmart’s new low prices, and of course, a multitude of Christmas movies are on repeat to distract students from school work.

While all these things come with cheer and delight, what happened to the Christmas carolers spreading the holiday spirit from door to door? What happened to the holiday church gatherings celebrating Christ’s birth? The community service projects delivering toys to kids who don’t have anything? The giving of food to families who aren’t able to provide for themselves? Today’s society is, instead, focused on increasing the productivity of businesses during the holidays, and children’s reception of a multitude of gifts on Christmas morning.

Business, success, possessions, and advertisement have become the most important aspects of the holiday season. The meaning of Christmas originated from the celebration of the birth of Jesus in a manger. And Santa was really Saint Nicholas who brought gifts to the less fortunate families.

The true spirit of Christmas should be in bringing families together and promoting unity and holiday cheer. This is a holiday meant to bring joy to those who are less fortunate and serve Christ, as he sacrifices for us.