Colin Kaepernick Should NOT Start Another NFL Game This Season

Connor Woods

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Connnor Woods offers an interesting perspective on the San Francisco quarterback controversy.

Following a concussion to San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback Alex Smith, backup Colin Kaepernick got the start against the Chicago Bears on Monday night.  Kaepernick had a breakout game, putting up a career best 243 passing yards and 2 touchdown passes. His performance turned heads all over the league, and left the 49ers’ coaching staff with a decision to make as to who will start next week’s game against the Saints.

As of right now, Kaepernick will most likely start the game.  However, I find this to be an extremely premature and generally stupid move by the 49ers coaching staff.  Although Kaepernick put up great numbers, against arguably the best defense in the league in Chicago, he still lacks the maturity and experience to start a game on the road, especially in the Superdome, one of the league’s loudest venues.  The fact that he had such a good game against Chicago’s usually solid defense shows that he has tons of talent and potential, but he needs more snaps before he can step into a starting NFL role. Prior to this game, Kaepernick was limited to a few plays a game, in which he would mostly run the ball, and for only a few yards at that.

People also seem to be discounting Alex Smith as a formidable quarterback in the NFL.  More often than not, Smith has put up similar or even better numbers than Kaepernick’s performances.  With that kind of consistency and a high level of maturity and experience against the elite defenses of the NFL, it should be a no brainer that he should be starting against the Saints. Not only this, but Smith has been building chemistry with his receivers for the past few years, which can make a huge difference in key situations.

As Kaepernick obviously has a tremendous amount of talent, they simply need to work him into the game more, so that he can gain the experience to be an everyday starter.  With 20 or so more snaps per game, he could easily get more confidence in himself, and eventually become the niners starting qb.  However, in my opinion, at least for this week the 49ers should without a doubt start Smith.  This way, if his concussion is lingering, or he can’t get his game back, they always have Kaepernick to come in and give a necessary spark off the bench.

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Colin Kaepernick Should NOT Start Another NFL Game This Season