Schmitt Ballin': RG3 Needs To Look Within

Robert Griffin III has become one of the most exciting and dominant quarterbacks in the NFL.  Through the season so far, he has accumulated almost 3,000 total yards, as well as 18 touchdown, with only 4 interceptions. However, he has also been injured twice. This can mostly be acquitted to his reckless play style, which I believe will lead to his eventual downfall.

RG3’s skills can not be argued at all. He has an impressive arm, and even more impressive running game. But its the way he uses these skills that will end up costing him in the long run.  When he was injured the first time, he attempted to run through a linebacker, which resulted in a concussion. The second time, he tried to evade two safeties, and is currently out with a sprained knee. Although both of these injuries likely won’t come with a week out, they offer a sneak-peak about how his future career will unfold.

Giffin needs to learn from his mistakes, and stop trying to extend plays just for a yard or two.  When running the ball, he needs to just slide, loose a couple yards, but save his body from injury.  The way he tries to run through tackles, has resulted in two injuries already. Currently, Griffin acts more like a running back than a quarterback. If he keeps playing like this, his body will deteriorate prematurely, and end his career early.

There is a fine line between playing aggressively and playing stupidly. Right now, Griffin is playing stupidly.  In order to have a long, successful career, RG3 needs to start playing more conservatively compared to his current play style, and avoid season, or even career ending injuries.