Biggest Surprise of NFL Wild Card Weekend

Connor Woods and Connor Woods

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This years wild card weekend came with drama, injuries, and upsets.  However, the biggest surprise to me was in one of the more solid victories of the weekend, Green Bay vs. Minnesota.

The part that was surprising was the fact that it was such a solid victory.  The Vikings are a team that just doesn’t get beaten that badly on a regular basis.  People have been making the argument that, “what do you expect? they were playing with their backup QB”. I find that to be complete crap.  Even if they’re playing with Joe Webb instead of Christian Ponder, they still have the possible MVP running back Adrian Peterson. They can’t make any valid excuse for losing when they have a healthy, determined Adrian Peterson in their backfield. Although the game probably would have gone to the Packers regardless, seeing that they are by far the more well rounded team, it should not have gone to Green Bay so easily.  Green Bay absolutely shut down AD, holding him under 100 rushing yards.  That just doesn’t happen very often.

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Biggest Surprise of NFL Wild Card Weekend