Chip Kelly Going to Philly

Connor Woods and Connor Woods

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Chip Kelly has announced his leaving the University of Oregon to become the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  My gut reaction is that Chip will back out of the job eventually, as he has done multiple times before with NFL offers, the most recent of which was this year with the Cleveland Browns. But, the Eagles have confirmed the hiring of Chip Kelly, making the move somewhat set in stone. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, that chip Kelly got another offer after refusing so many. With an very unique offense at Oregon, we’ll see as time goes on how he can adapt to a NFL team. I think this will be very beneficial for the Eagles, as Kelly’s offense has always favored fast quarterbacks and a strong running game. This can be very applicable with Michael Vick and Lesean McCoy.  I really like this pickup by the Eagles, and I think it will pay off for them.  Its very possible that Kelly was just waiting for the right offer, and he has apparently found it in Philly. Next season is going to be a fun one.

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Chip Kelly Going to Philly