Heat vs. Bulls Series Prediction

Connor Woods

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In the conference semi-finals, the Miami Heat are taking on the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have done relatively well against the Heat this season, most notably ending the Heat’s impressive winning streak. However, I doubt they will have that much luck in this series.

I think that the Heat will ultimately win the title, and thus the conference semis. I expect the Bulls to not go down easy, but the result is inevitable. I could see the Heat winning in five or even six if the Bulls put up enough of a fight.

Ultimately though, the Heat are simply too good, and too deep to lose to any team in the NBA. MVP LeBron James, former MVP Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, I mean, come on, they’re just too good. On top of that, the Heat are looking even better than last year’s title winning team.

But the real killer for the Bulls is the loss of Derrrick Rose. Without their number one playmaker, they certainly won’t be able to handle the Heat. With D-Rose healthy, I would definitely entertain the idea of the Bull winning, but without, not a chance. The Bulls probably have the advantage down low with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah. But, unfortunately for Chicago, good rebounding is simply not enough to overcome the Heat offense.  With LeBron playing the best basketball of his career, there is just no chance of a Bull victory.

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Heat vs. Bulls Series Prediction