Boys Wopo Loses Annual Coronado Matchup

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Samantha Henze

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This Thursday the Bears matched up against Southern California’s Coronado; Coronado is a tough competitor, and the Bears finished off the game with a 5-goal deficit, matching the score from when they last met- 8-13.

This was a non-league, non-CCS game, but an annual tradition for the two teams, as Coronado travels to the Bay Area every year for the Bellarmine tournament. Coronado specifically arrives a day early to face M-A, since the Bears do not partake in the Bellarmine tournament.

With Senior Morgan Olson-Fabbro and Junior Evan McClelland both out from sickness and injury, respectively, the team had to step up their play to match up with this SoCal competitor.

The Bears allowed Coronado the first possession of the game, but quickly scored first, creating an instant lead. The goal came a minute and a half in from a lob shot by senior Harrison Holland-McCowan.

Coronado answered back with 2 goals in the next 2 minutes, both off of power plays. McCowan then returned with another goal, and sophomore John Knox finished off the quarter with another goal for the Bears, pulling them ahead 3-2 at the end of the period.

Coronado kicked off the second quarter by winning the first possession, and scoring 6 goals in a row without allowing the Bears a chance to react.

McCowan finally retaliated, scoring 3 consecutive goals for the Bears in the last 3 minutes of the quarter. Regardless, the Bears remained behind with 6 goals to Coronado’s 8 at the end of the half

The third quarter began with 3 minutes of uneventful play, until Coronado earned a 5-meter penalty shot and put it away adding another point to their score. McCowan returned for the Bears again, with a goal 30 seconds later, and Coronado finished off the period with a power-play goal, ending the quarter 7-11, Coronado.

The fourth quarter was more stagnant play, with 2 goals from Coronado, and 1 goal from senior Connor Arrington for the Bears. The game ended in Coronado’s favor, 8-13.

Although this game did not count towards the Bears PAL record, or towards CCS, M-A always approaches this annual match seriously, as it is a great opportunity for them to face a tough SoCal competitor. And this time, the Bears did not go down without a fight.

“Our team’s hard work in long practices showed when we stacked up against a SoCal powerhouse,” reported Junior Jake Bassin.

This was the last home game for the senior Bears, and they finished off well, regardless of the outcome.



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Boys Wopo Loses Annual Coronado Matchup