Sports: Survival tips for the Ravens fan in Niners nation

Photo Credit: Samantha Parish

Ravens fans in the Bay Area must learn to fly under the radar.

Normally being a ┬áBaltimore Ravens fan here on the west coast is not an issue– you simply root for them and don’t have big game parties. However, now with the Ravens playing the San Francisco 49ers in the Superbowl, us Ravens fans are facing some major opposition. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of survival tips for the undercover Ravens fan:

  1. Avoid touchy colors (purple).
  2. Watch the game alone or with people who already hate you.
  3. Stay within 20 feet of shelter at all times, in case you are discovered and need to escape.
  4. Always carry a snack just in case you are surrounded by a group of 49ers fans and you can’t get home.
  5. During the game don’t celebrate too loudly when the Ravens score, lest your neighbors hear and report you.
  6. If people already know you’re a fan, prepare to call in sick on Monday if (when) the Ravens win.
  7. If you chose to wear a Ravens jersey, you should also wear all the other football gear (helmet, pads, etc.) as protection.
  8. If you do resort to trash talk, wear the aforementioned football gear.
  9. Remain obscure in your praise of Coach Harbaugh, no one will know which one you’re referring to.


Good luck!