Varsity Softball: The Year to Make CCS

Source: Angela Lai

Angela Lai

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After last year’s successful season, the M-A girls varsity softball team hopes to continue, as coach Jaclyn Vujovich says, “in the winning direction,” with the hope of eventually making the CCS playoffs.

“Every year, the goal is to get there and each year brings us a little bit closer.” However, “It’s been a bit of a struggle because we’ve been rebuilding our program. We lost our frosh-soph program–we didn’t have enough girls come out. It’s been growing ever since.”

She’s been coaching at M-A alongside her father, head coach Rick Vujovich, for what will soon be 5 years. He notes that “last year was a very good season. We ended up having 16 wins,” likely the most wins in the program’s history for around 10-15 years in spite of the team’s small size. “The girls came together, they played really well, and they listened to their senior leadership.”

The team lost a couple of seniors who were key players, but the coaches look forward to seeing which new players step in to fill those positions.

Mr. Vujovich adds, “One of the things that we try to teach the players is just to get a little bit better everyday. We’re always hoping to improve, always have the goal of making the CCS playoffs. I think that the senior leadership on the team this year is going to be an important factor that helps bring the team together and I’m looking forward to seeing that happen.”

Their first home game is against Notre Dame on February 28th.


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Varsity Softball: The Year to Make CCS