Boys Soccer Progresses Through Regular Season with Momentum

Sabiha Viswanathan

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With an overall record of 9-2-2, the Bears are moving through the season with terrific ferocity. Throughout the season the Bears have played several challenging teams and come out with the win off of a few clutch goals and a unbeatable passing game.


Playing Woodside last week the Bears came out with the tie 2-2 off of a nail biting game. The Wildcats came into the match with the number one league standing while M-A held the number 2 spot. Therefore, there was much anticipation on the game and fierce competition throughout. The match was extremely physical on both ends, with calls made as early as the first 20 seconds of the game. The physicality carried on, with a call in the 79th minute that brought the tie for M-A. Senior defender Tameem Fezzani expressed his positive outlook on the next match up the Bears will see against Woodside: “Hopefully we can go to Woodside and learn from our mistakes. I have full confidence in our team to beat Woodside at their home”.


Sophmore Jorge Lopez took the penalty kick, clinching a vital goal for the Bears to keep the game at 2-2. With two close standing teams, it was the fouls that ultimately played a large role in the final score of the game.


Senior caption Elvis Abarca, who came into the season recovering from a torn ACL, was caught in a physical matchup during the first half, by which he claims he heard his knee pop. Abarca was taken off the field for further examination, after which he was found to have torn his MCL. He was taken away, ultimately ending his season and possibly his ability to ever play soccer again. As an inspiration to those on his team, he remains in high spirits with leadership of his fellow teammates.


“Coming off of an injury after 18 months, I would say I’m really proud of myself for not giving up. I know the team will do just great. I have faith in them. I was one captain but we have many leaders on the team,” commented Abarca.


The team prides itself on the value that encourages true chemistry and faith in one another: brotherhood. The connections and family that the teammates have created with one another exemplifies their chemistry on and off the field. Their outstanding play throughout every game of the season has won them the number two spot in league. Although Abarca will no longer play, he is determined to still remain present for the team.


Further, following the Wildcats, the Bears went on to beat Carlmont last Friday 2-1, with goals by Jorge Lopez and sophomore Kyle Smith. Keeping up their winning streak, the Bears continued to beat San Mateo 4-2, with a goal by Kyle Smith and three by Jorge Lopez.


This year’s top goal scorer, Jorge Lopez, has seen much action throughout the season. With a hat trick against San Mateo, and goals in almost every game, the Bears have been seeing key offensive plays coming from the underclassman on the team. Proving himself as a key player to the boys varsity team, Lopez has come up with the win for the Bears on multiple occasions, keeping their record very high standing.  They hope to feed off of this energy as they move towards the end of the regular season and the playoffs

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Boys Soccer Progresses Through Regular Season with Momentum