The Lady Bears Triumph over Castilleja

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Kiki Canny

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The Bears defeated the Gators in one of the closest matches of their season. The ladies had a strong start, leading by 4 at one point. However, the Bear’s defense began to suffer, leading the game to be more intense and require a more demanding performance from M-A, regardless of the heavy rain and harsh weather. The ladies rose to the challenge, and closed out the game with a 13-12 victory.


In the past, M-A lost to Castilleja at Coach Park’s Field, with the Gators finishing with a decisive 14-8 victory. The Bears did not let their history phase them, but knew this game would test their defensive and communicative skills.


The game started out with Castilleja obtaining the first goal of the game within the first 3 minutes of the first half. The Bears were not distraught however, and answered back with a goal within 2 minutes of the first. With a crucial steal by junior Hannah Wilson, the Bear’s offense seemed confident and decisive. However, this would prove not to be enough, for the Gators fought back, shooting another goal. Within the first 5 minutes, the Bears were behind one goal, 2-1 favoring Castilleja.


Junior Amanda Wiseman had a impressive steal, accelerating the Bear’s offense and assisting sophomore Sally Carlson in earning a point for their team. With 15 and a half minutes remaining, the Bear’s were up 3-2. M-A seemed unstoppable, successfully earning 4 more goal. With 9 minutes left, M-A was up 6-2, and only improved as Wiseman and Carlson each scored a goal, leading M-A 8-2. However in the last 3 minutes of the first half, the Bear’s defense began to wither and Castilleja followed through with a play that lead them to a goal, and in the last 21 seconds, the Gator’s found a way to score 2 goals. At the end of the first half, the Bears were up 8-5.


What seemed to begin a decisive victory for the Bears began to turn int0 a fight for maintaining their lead. Within the first 3 minutes, Castilleja started the second half the same way they started the first, with a goal by one of their key players. Junior Eliza Fitz capitalized on one of the Gator’s poor passes, stealing the ball and helping the Bear’s revive their offense. M-A began to redeem themselves, with 17 minutes left they were up 10-6, with 4 goals unanswered by Castilleja. With a hunger for victory, the Gators began to fight back. Suddenly, the Castilleja began to capitalize on defensive mistakes by M-A, coming back with 4 goals within 5 minutes. The score turned suddenly into 11-9, still favoring the Bears. Realizing victory began to slip away for the Bear’s, Coach Juliette Mittlemann called a timeout in order to plan a strategy, hoping to help the Bears put another point on the scoreboard. However, their efforts were not immediately effective; Castilleja with 7 minutes remaining was closer than ever, becoming tied with the Bear’s, 11-11.


Needing immediate action, the Bear’s began to ignite their offense again, with Wiseman scoring a crucial goal within the last 5 minutes to give M-A the lead. The momentum began to go back and forth, with Castilleja scoring another goal within the last 4 minutes of the game.The score was 12-12, until Amanda Wiseman finally silenced the crowds with an amazing leap shot in the very last minute once and for all. The Bears began to slow the game by just keeping possession, helping the M-A finally take home victory with 13-12 showing on the scoreboard.


The game proved to be a test of the Bear’s perseverance and determination, and was one of the closest games the Bears have played this season. They next face Sacred Heart College Prepatory, at Coach Parks Field.

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The Lady Bears Triumph over Castilleja