2015-2016 M-A Bear News Staff

Miranda Simes


Hi! I'm Miranda Simes, and I'm a senior at M-A. This will be my third year on staff, and I’m excited to take on the role of editor as well as continue to inform the community. Though journalism, I am eager to generate discussion... 

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Natalie Silverman


Hi, I'm Natalie Silverman, and this is my third year as a journalist for the M-A Bear News. I’m really excited to work with the new editors and students taking the class. In addition to furthering my skills as a copy editor,... 

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Lexi Lobdell

Social Media Editor

Hi, I'm Lexi Lobdell, and I am currently a senior at M-A. This is my third year being part of the M-A Bear News Staff. I am looking forward to continue expanding my writing abilities by writing features, sports, and news stories.... 

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Sequoia Snow

Site Developer, Reporter

Hi, my name is Sequoia Snow and this is my first year on the M-A Bear News staff. I am working with Jack Beasley  to develop the site and improve user experience. I will also be writing pieces for the site relating to technology... 

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Elizabeth McColloch

Copy Editor

My name is Elizabeth McColloch and this is my second year writing for M-A Bear News. Last year, I enjoyed writing features and news stories because they gave me a chance to develop new relationships. While writing my pieces, I... 

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Jake Simon


Hi! My name is Jake Simon and this is my first year writing for the M-A Bear News site. I am looking forward to covering a  sports stories and community events. I’m also excited to work with and learn from the editors. Go ... 

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Kyle Kranen


Hello! I’m Kyle Kranen and I am currently a senior at MA. This is my first year working on the journalism team and I am extremely excited to be writing for MA. My interests range from tennis, to engineering, to speech & debate.

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JR Gerber


I am JR Gerber. I am a sophomore at M-A. My favorite subject in school is history, but I am always happy to try something new. I am excited to be in Journalism because I especially enjoy writing about my passions.

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Kasha Merritt


My name is Kasha Merritt, and I’m a junior at M-A. This will be my first year as a journalist for M-A Bear News. I’m really excited to take on this role and learn more about our school and community. I am even more excited t... 

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Jack Beasley

Site Developer, Reporter

I'm Jack Beasley and this is my first year working as a web developer for M-A Bear News. I am working with Sequoia Snow to build a new website set to launch later this year. I will also be writing articles for the site with a... 

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Kaley Garrett


My name is Kaley and I'm a sophomore. I love to write and I'm excited to apart of the M-A Bear News. Aside from that, I am a member of the dance team. I can't wait to be apart of journalism and to write exciting stories.... 

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Kyle Dixon


Hi, I’m Kyle Dixon, and I’m excited to be joining the M-A Bear News team during my senior year. Writing is a particular passion of mine, so I’m thrilled to be able to improve upon my skills in composition while enjoying the... 

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Hannah MacLeod


Hi! I'm Hannah MacLeod, and this is my first year writing for M-A Bear News. Outside of school, I lead a middle school huddle group at Menlo Church and I row for NorCal Crew. I can't wait to explore ideas with the students around... 

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Sana Sheikholeslami


Hi! I’m Sana Sheikholeslami, and I’m a senior at M-A. I'm excited to be working with the M-A Bear News for the first time! I love learning about the world around me and I believe that journalism is one of the best mediums... 

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Sarah Orttung


Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a sophomore and this is my first year writing for M-A Bear News. This year I am hoping to improve my writing and learn what makes a great story. In my free time I like to read and play tennis. I’m... 

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Andrew Tan


I'm Andrew Tan and I am a sophomore at M-A. I am thrilled to join the M-A Bear News staff this year and get a taste of writing about issues that affect the student body. I enjoy running cross country and track, playing the saxophone,... 

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Sophie Zalipsky


I'm Sophie Zalipsky, and I'm a senior at M-A. This is my first year with the M-A Bear News staff, and I'm looking forward to improving my writing abilities while informing and engaging the student body. In my free time, I work... 

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Jake Foster


My name is Jake Foster and I am a sophomore at M-A. My favorite subjects are math, english, and spanish. I like to watch and play sports, especially soccer. I play soccer outside of school and for M-A. I love to write and be creative.... 

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Elise Carlomagno


My name is Elise Carlomagno and I am a junior at MA. This is my first year in journalism. I am looking forward to expanding my writing skills and uncovering new stories. I have played volleyball at MA for three years on the JV... 

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Nathalie Camens


I’m Nathalie Camens, and I am currently a sophomore. This is my first year taking journalism. I look forward to writing news and opinion pieces for the website. By informing and educating the public, journalism is the stron... 

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Ulises Cisneros


Hello, I'm Ulises Cisneros and I'm a junior at M-A. I am a first year journalism student. I am excited to be part of a class where I am allowed to express my voice and share my thoughts on important events around me. I plan o... 

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Julian Zucker


My name is Julian Zucker. I’m a senior and this is my first year doing journalism. I am the treasurer for MA’s debate club. I also volunteer for a summer camp, as an Operations Specialist. I rowed freshman through junior year,... 

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