2014-2015 M-A Bear News Staff

Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar


Hello readers! My name is Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar. I am a senior at M-A this year and could not be more excited to take on the role of editor-in-chief! As a junior, I was a reporter and an anchor for our satiric news show, Bearly... 

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Erin Perrine


Hi, I'm Erin Perrine, and I’m currently a senior at M-A. I love traveling, tutoring, watching Game of Thrones, and playing the piano, and I’m also on the tennis team. As for journalism, I worked as a reporter at InMenlo over... 

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Connor Woods


Hi, my name is Connor Woods and I am excited to be returning for my third year on the M-A Bear News staff as Editor-in-Chief.  Joining the staff during my sophomore year, I have slowly risen in the ranks until I took over managing... 

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Joey Ellefritz

Social Media Editor

I am the social media guru on the amazing M-A Bear News staff. This is my second year on staff, having chosen to return after the satisfying and successful growth of our Facebook and Twitter pages and my great experience in junior... 

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Lexi Lobdell

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Lexi Lobdell, and I am currently a junior at M-A. This is my second year being part of the M-A Bear News Staff. I am looking forward to continue expanding my writing abilities by writing features, sports, and news stories.... 

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Natalie Silverman

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Natalie Silverman, and this is my second year as a journalist for the M-A Bear News. I’m really excited to work with the new editors and students taking the class. In addition to furthering my skills as a copy editor,... 

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Miranda Simes

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Miranda Simes, and I'm a junior at M-A. This will be my second year on the M-A Bear News staff, and I’m excited to take on the role of copy editor as well as continue to inform the community through a variety of stories.... 

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Danielle Balestra


I'm Danielle Balestra, and I am a senior and returning second-year journalism student. Besides writing various types of stories for the site, this year I will produce and continue to report for the Bearly News, which is our monthly... 

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Alex Brieger


I’m Alex Brieger, and I’m a sophomore at M-A. I enjoy writing about entertainment, such as movies or television shows, and music-related topics. I love to review albums whether they are brand new or extremely old. I also love... 

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Sebastian Chavez


Hi, my name is Sebastian, and I’m a senior at M-A. I joined the M-A Bear News staff because I have a passion for writing and I believe that there is nothing better than a great story. Along with my passion for writing, I enjoy... 

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Annie Harrier


My name is Annie Harrier, and I am a senior this year. I enjoy playing soccer and running track for M-A. I spend most of my spare time at the beach or pool and with my family and friends. After I graduate, I aspire to attend a... 

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Siena Hooper


My name is Siena Hooper. I’m a currently a sophomore, and this is my first year of journalism. I just recently joined the the open girls tennis team for M-A. I am interested in working on news, features, and sports pieces. I... 

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Sarah Howell


I’m Sarah Howell, and I’ll be a senior at M-A this year. I will be acting as as the senior class president for the class of 2015. I currently play on the girls varsity basketball team, but I dabbled in softball my freshman... 

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Joey Martin


Hello, my name is Joey Martin. I am sixteen years old, and I’m a junior at Menlo-Atherton High School. I took journalism because I was curious about how the class worked. In additon, I wanted to learn how to write better and... 

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Elizabeth McColloch


My name is Elizabeth McColloch, and I am a sophomore and a first-year journalism student. Even as a sophomore, I have made it a point to get involved in a variety of activities within the school. I enjoy acting and performed in... 

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Lauren McLaughlin


My name is Lauren McLaughlin, and this is my first year as a part of the M-A Bear News team. I am a sophomore at M-A and this will be my second year on the dance team here. My dance team experience has allowed me to become more... 

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Daniel Pedreiro


Hi, I'm Daniel Pedreiro, and this is my first year reporting for the M-A Bear News. In freshman year I took an interest in politics and world events: everything from the Middle East to seat belts in school buses. I would debate... 

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Micah Shalowitz


Hi, I’m Micah Shalowitz, and I’m a sophomore here at M-A. I play on the school's soccer team, and I love playing almost every sport . You can catch me playing sports, watching sports, reading about sports, writing about sports,... 

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Kyra Sheeper


My name is Kyra Sheeper, and I am a sophomore at M-A. I am constantly active playing varsity water polo, basketball, and swimming. Because I have a passion for English and I enjoy sharing stories, I am excited to be a part of... 

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Kelly Woods


My name is Kelly Woods, and I am a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School. I’m a first year journalism student and am excited to be involved in the M-A Bear News team! I enjoy running and playing lacrosse at M-A, and I love... 

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