Study Break: Study Break: Friday, Dec 6

Welcome to Study Break: M-A Bear News’ sympathetic column designed to provide you guys with content to distract, interest, or help you in your studious endeavors.

Typically, Study Break will include a playlist, artist, or album that we feel best accompanies long hours of work. They will also include some sort of online activity or game to absorb as much of your valuable time as possible and an entertaining video to really ensure you are NOT studying while on your break.

Our first 8Tracks playlist is one that should set your studying off on the right foot with calm yet stimulating music to helpĀ  you power through those notes.

Ultimate Study Playlist I from TheGirlNamedJedrzejko on 8tracks Radio.

Weavesilk is online interactive generative art that takes a serious toll on your time-management. Spend a few minutes to get the hang of how to create what you’d like and suddenly you’ve spent an hour creating masterpieces. It may take a toll on older computers, so be patient with this one of a kind artistic journey.

We’ll end our first Study Break with a video of artist Kyle Lambert painting the most realistic painting of Morgan Freeman you’ve ever seen.