Study Break: Monday, Dec. 9

Welcome to Fall semester dead week, Bears! In the following week, we’re looking for supply you with the best material for quick breaks from studying or a playlist to accompany you along the way. Look out for a new post everyday.



Today’s playlist is a sequel to the one posted last Friday: Ultimate Study Playlist II. I hate to put out such a good playlist on only the first day of dead week, but rest assured there are many more on the way.

Ultimate Study Playlist II from TheGirlNamedJedrzejko on 8tracks Radio.


Our activity for today… well to be honest I’m not quite sure what this is. This is some form of a three-dimensional snake game, that successfully suspended my studying for quite a while, here’s hoping it’ll have the same effect on you: 3D Snake Game



Despite the fact that there’s still an entire week left until finals begin, stress has undoubtedly already settled in. Don’t be afraid, however, as you all have at least four years of finals head of you in college. While these college students were feeling the weight of looming finals, their friend introduced a box of Corgi puppies to the apartment. This is what ensued.