Study Break: Study Break: Tuesday, Dec. 10

Sup nerds, day two of Fall Semester Dead Week and half the school has already given up on looking presentable at school. Regardless, it’s what in the head that counts, right? For that reason, we’re here again to save the day with a few things to help or distract you during your study process.


Today’s playlist will break the trend set by the last two by adding our first playlist from Songza. For those of you unaware of this site, it provides thousands of great playlists created by users similar to 8tracks, but in an easier-to-find format. Specifically, the acoustic guitar instrumentals track is packed with several hours worth of calming music to help you hit the books. Enjoy!


We also have two videos for you guys today, one for sports fans out there and the other for just about anybody. The first is the Best NFL Sound FX Moments of 2013- an 8 minute clip full of hilarious and inspiring sound bites from the league’s best.



The other video is part of a large series or trend around the internet of “people are awesome” clips. This particular ‘people are awesome 2013′ showcases some of the extreme stunts and events that went down this year.



And finally to wrap this Study Break up, I present to you: Zoomquilt. Have fun…