Study Break: Study Break, December 11

Congratulations, Bears, you’ve made it halfway through dead week with zero recorded deaths! Stay strong and we just might make it to Friday.


Today’s study playlist is our third 8Tracks playlist, this one just a run-of-the-mill classical and ambient electronic song mix. Although it’s perfect for studying, prepare for some alternative mixes either later in the week or next week during the dread finals. Regardless, here it is:


Superior Study Playlist from tdiem on 8tracks Radio.

For hump day, I’ve decided to provide a video that has nothing to do with humps, camels, or anything at all related to Wednesday whatsoever. There is a young trick shot phenomenon by the name of Titus, who is a toddler on par with some of the NBA greats. Titus recently was afforded the opportunity to shoot some hoops with Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, here’s the result.


Some of you may remember iTunes’ music visualizer that allowed you to visualize the beat or rhythm of the song you were listening to via a visual interpretation created on the computer. Well, Apex visuals has recreated this process, with all new effects and intense background music. Be prepared to be distracted by: Apexvj
Suggestion: play around with as may options as possible by clicking your mouse. Click ‘Disk’ and select a song from your iTunes or music player library to play your favorite song with great visualization. The variety of displays they have available is staggering. Have a good Wednesday night, Bears!