Study Break: Study Break: Thursday, Dec 12

Welcome to Thursday's Study Break, Bears! Just think, in only a weeks time you will be bubbling in answers on your last final of the year. You've got to get there first, though, which is why we're here. I'm super proud of you all for the zero-deaths thing, by the way, keep it up.

To get you guys in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I present you with a video of commercial airlines company WestJet performing a 'Christmas miracle' on their customers. It's a 'feel good' kind of video, perfect for a break from those notebooks.

Today's playlist will be hosted on the site GrooveShark, which I'm fairly unfamiliar with but has come through in the clutch today. William Basinski released his album 'Disintegration Loops' back in 2002. While it went widely unheard of, it remains somewhat popular on infrequent studying playlists. The songs are loops of obscure musical origin, but nevertheless provide as relaxing experience as any. Don't be afraid to skip to the next song after a few minutes or so, because if left unnoticed, individual songs will continue for hours. Here is: Disintegration Loops
disintegration loops by Jordan Konkol on Grooveshark'}”>
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We'll end this Study Break with an amazing browser-based game that allows you to turn any research website, or, well, any website for that matter into your very own Asteroids game. Simply bookmark the game and you'll have it as a reference any time a particular website has lost your interest and you want to destroy its contents. Have fun with this one!