Study Break: Study Break: Sunday Dec. 15

Hello Bears, my apologies for not uploading a Study Break on Friday or Saturday evening, as I assumed you all were out doing something productive with your lives. However, if you were disappointed by the lack of posts on either evenings, fear not, they have resumed. Finals week will begin tomorrow and with that much of the night-before cramming that was done by the 'good' students gradually over the course of the semester. Do not feel dismayed, Study Break is here to help you cope with your impotence.

Today's activity will take you on a virtual tour of the galaxy we live in, and allow you to zoom in and out to appreciate the magnitude of our universe. In the upper left corner, it gives you the option to take a short tour of the stars in close proximity to our own, moving outward in terms of scope. Despite the lack of incredible graphics, the activity in itself is pretty cool: what do 100,00 stars look like?

Now I understand many of you are viewing this from inside your room and potentially surrounded by books, binders and notebooks. Well in that case let's spice things up a bit with a video to make your palms sweat. Would you jump onto a bag from 52 meters?

This Study Break's playlist will be the first of the incredible playlists lined up for finals week. I ask that you perhaps go out of your comfort zone a little bit with these playlists, as some may include music you wouldn't voluntarily listen to. For those of you familiar with the Assassin's Creed video game series, you must therefore be familiar with its accompanying soundtrack that has won awards around the world. Here's a playlist full of its best: Study with Assassins Creed

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i hate assassin's creed from khalyysi on 8tracks Radio.