Study Break: Study Break: Tuesday, Dec. 17

Happy Finals Week, Bears! Hopefully your finals all went wonderfully, aside for the select few of you that didn't have finals today; in which case I hope your finals were awful. Remember that plenty of sleep, a good meal, and a positive attitude all contribute significantly towards better scores. Making sure you're prepared academically obviously takes second priority.

Today's video is a mix of short clips behind the narration of philosopher Alan Watts. Watts led vocational studies with college students, often shortly after they graduated, regarding the career options they desired. Here's a video of him with a little advice to put all the stress you may have been feeling in perspective: What if Money Were No Object

Here's a little activity, similar to the very first one posted, that will unleash the artistic prodigy in each of you. The beauty in this is that no matter what you do, everything looks… like an amazing galaxy. Coming from someone who draws disgracefully ugly stick figures, this is welcome relief: Neonflames

With the holidays approaching, I was tempted to post a playlist consisting of classic holiday music and Christmas Carols, but I decided against it. Instead, I've retained the classic jazzy feel but with mainly instrumentals in this jazz study playlist. Warning: your room may become a 1930's prohibition era lounge.

jazz & books from ellejolene on 8tracks Radio.