Satire: Satire: A Mitt Romney Presidency: All Business

Photo Credit: Nicky Hug

If elected President, Mitt Romney has proposed changing the country's name to Democracy Corp.

Mitt Romney has often been praised this election cycle for his business experience and expertise, and how this could translate into him being an effective leader when it comes to the economy and fiscal issues. In keeping with this sentiment, Romney has announced some changes he would make to the White House and the federal government in general should he become president.

First and foremost, the first Friday of each month will be known as casual Friday at the White House. “White House workers will be welcome to wear a t-shirt and jeans to work on casual Friday, or if they choose, a Hawaiian shirt,” Romney said, adding, “I think this will create a relaxed and comfortable work environment.”

Romney also announced several changes to some of the titles and roles of key White House staff members. The Press Secretary’s title would be changed to Director of Marketing. Romney stated that the Director of Marketing’s first task would be to initiate a rebranding of the White House through an innovative ad campaign using guerilla marketing and social media platforms.

“It’s clear our customers have lost faith in the White House and the American government in general,” Romney said, “which is why I think a new ad campaign will be a useful tool in restoring the faith our customers once had in this company. We’ve been the United States of America for too long now, which is why I will be rebranding this company with the name Democracy Corp. We bring democracy to you. We have already filed for patents on democracy and liberty, two business strategies that will be key for Democracy Corp.”

In addition to the new title for the White House press secretary and the country, Romney announced that his title would not be president, but rather CEO of Democracy Corp. “I feel that the president of a company is often just a figure head,” he said, “the CEO is really who is leading the company.” Romney also announced he would no longer refer to his group of advisers as his cabinet, but rather as the Board of Directors.

In addition to these title changes, Romney stated that he would take the role of Democracy Corp. in a different direction. Should it become necessary, Romney stated he would not rule out the option of a merger with another country. “I think Canada would be first, my friends,” Romney said, “it’s been nothing more than this country’s hat for a long time, and I feel the best option for both organizations would be to create one unified body. I think a merger would be the best way to eliminate our competition from the north, as they have been encroaching on our business model for quite a while now.”

In addition to these mergers, Romney also stated that in order to cut costs, he would begin outsourcing members of congress to other countries, such as China and India.  ”Simply put, workers in China and India are willing to work for a lot less, so it only makes sense to start outsourcing senators and representatives there,” Romney said of this decision.  ”Sending these jobs to China and India would simply be what’s best for the company and our customers.”

Along with mergers and outsourcing, Romney stated he would start integrating “dynamic crowd sourcing technology strategies with the use of social media” to improve his policy making. When asked for a few specific policy ideas he had, Romney responded with one word: “Synergy.”

“With these changes,” Romney said, “I feel that we will be able to bring back many disenchanted customers to this once great corporation. These new ideas for Democracy Corp. will promote great connectivity among the branches of the government, and help us to produce a great product for our customers.” When asked what product he was referring to, Romney declined to comment.