App Relief: Installment Three


Sarah Hoover

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Hello again seniors,

The November 1st and November 15th deadlines have passed; the time when morale gets lost in the mid-semester slump, and the days seem to drag along slower than molasses. So for those of you who applied early decision and early action, you can have a well deserved break- but remember that you should still work on other apps because you never know! (But of course never give up hope). For those who are awaiting deadlines in December or later, don’t let yourselves fall victim to the tempting hand of procrastination.

Here is a motivation clip from Chariots of Fire to get your juices flowing.

Now, perhaps you don’t feel prepared to battle the tough competitor that is procrastination, just like this poor little kitten in the face of this mean, scary dog.

But here is a video of a Star Wars lightsaber fight scene to give you a sense of what you can do: You are Yoda, and the temptation to procrastinate is Darth Vader (or whoever the bad guy is). Although you may be old, decrepit, short, and green, you still know how to kick some serious procrastination butt.

After all that intense fighting, last is a happy song to make you think of rainbows and sunshine before you get back to working on your apps.

Now you have plenty of motivation to get back to work. You can do it!

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One Response to “App Relief: Installment Three”

  1. David Schmitt on November 18th, 2012 1:57 pm

    Chariots of Fire makes me want to make a slow-motion montage of my homework completion.

App Relief: Installment Three