This Season’s Hottest Tattoo Trends

Sarah Hoover

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Tattoos are the latest fad on the runway this season. Fashion models have graced their bodies with permanent markings to make a bold statement, and we, the fashion board here at M-A Bear News, are the first to pick up on this latest style. Our favorite thing about this saucy new look is its permanence- you can be fashionable all the time!  Here’s a look at the best new tattoos for spring.

1. Chinese Sayings

Nothing says intellectual like a tattoo in a language that you can’t read. Remember, so long as the guy chuckling as he gives it to you reassures you about what it says, you have nothing to worry about.

2. Flower

Looking to transform into a hippie? Or something that says “Hi world, I have low self-esteem?” Just tattoo a flower on your ankle and you’ll be all set!

3. Music Note

Does it matter that you’ve never played a musical instrument in your life? Absolutely not! An adorable music note is perfect for anyone at all – absolutely everybody.

4. Fake Mustache

It’s bold, it’s unique, and it’s sure attractive. Its the bristliness that makes mustaches a turn-off… right?

5. The name of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Because you two will be together forever.

We hope you enjoy these adorable new fashions as much as we do! Don’t forget, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and your body, which is exactly why you should go out and get a tattoo.

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3 Responses to “This Season’s Hottest Tattoo Trends”

  1. sparish on February 28th, 2013 9:21 pm

    Tats are so perfect, and those are great descriptions for each one! I personally think I’d get one of my boyfriend’s name AROUND a flower!

    alai Reply:

    Even better, you should get it on your face so that more people can admire how trendy you are.

  2. Ryan on March 19th, 2013 7:46 pm

    Love the satire. If you are going to get a tattoo, make it creative and original, as it’ll be with you for the rest of your life. As someone considering, it requires quite a bit of thought.

This Season’s Hottest Tattoo Trends