Photo: The Spread: RED February Week 4

The final Spread of February below (see the Spread featured on the Photos page) marks the end of the theme red. Thank you to those of you who submitted photos this month!

As you may already know, the final edition of one theme brings with it the revelation of the next month’s theme. The theme we will be introducing this March is up. For many of us, winter drags its feet painfully as it makes way for spring, but in March one can gleefully witness evidence of the return of a certain liveliness, a youthful energy that marks the dawn of spring persevering over its long fought counterpart. It is a time of growth and inspiration as a once dormant vitality begins to emerge from its slumber, and whether it is found in nature, in those around us, or simply in the way we as individuals see our world, it is everywhere. Show us what’s going up this March from your eyes by submitting to, or by hitting “submit” on the Photos page!

Check back to see the first installment of up on Thursday, March 7th.

Photographers: Georgia Reid, Annalise Deal and Zoe Pacalin