Fire in Warehouse on Douglas Ave.

Joey Ellefritz

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Early this morning (Friday, January 15), a fire started in a machine shop tucked between several blocks of residential neighborhood in Redwood City. The fire began around 5:00, and by 11:00, smoke was still coming through the upper windows. Local officials reported the fire had not yet been completely put out, and the cause of the fire was still undetermined.

On scene at 894 Douglas Ave. were seven fire trucks, several ambulances, and countless police vehicles helping to guide traffic away from the scene. The fire was contained to the remainder of what had been FMW Machine Shop. The entire surrounding block had been taped-off and police were standing at each entrance guiding cars away from the scene. Despite the several dozen firemen and EMT staff on location, several officials ensured no one was injured.

FMW was a manufacturing shop that focused on the production of metals and plastics, raising concern about the toxicity of the flames inside the building. According to employees of local businesses, FMW was a father-son business that had been passed down through generations. Despite it not necessarily being a hallmark of Redwood City industry, the fire that partially consumed the building and forced the evacuation of the surrounding buildings was without a doubt pertinent to the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses that were affected by the thin layer of smoke and noxious fumes.

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2 Responses to “Fire in Warehouse on Douglas Ave.”

  1. llobdell on January 20th, 2014 12:19 pm

    The amount of fires around M-A over the past few days is crazy. I am glad that this one was contained quickly.

  2. nsilverman on January 21st, 2014 5:47 pm

    I agree with Lexi, there have been a lot of fires- including the two that happened at the metal recycling plant!

Fire in Warehouse on Douglas Ave.