College and Career Day

Katie Wilcox

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The guidance counselors and school board have announced their plans to pioneer a new event this upcoming fall: scheduled for October 15, College and Career Day will be “all about providing students with an opportunity” to explore options for their post-high school years “without putting it all on them to figure it out on their own,” as guidance counselor, Ms. Laura Duran, states.


Duran explains that the idea was presented last year to the Shared Decisions Site Making Council, a committee that is open to the public where issues, concerns, or ideas can be discussed and decided upon. “We also visited all of the other high schools in our district —- besides M-A has some type of day where either the PSAT is being offered, or students can go on a field trip to go visit colleges, or there is some type of activity for seniors, and we really liked the way that some of the other schools were holding these events.”


The day will be structured as a “true minimum day,” where afterwards, all the students and teachers will be allowed to go home, and “hopefully it’s a really fun, productive day, and… aligns with all of our goals.” The details are still being worked out, but as of right now, small committees are being made to discuss what the day will specifically look like. As of now, the idea is that the ninth graders will go on a field trip to college campuses following a lesson that helps them pinpoint their potential aspirations.


Tenth and eleventh graders will be staying on campus where teachers will proctor the PSAT. Ms. Duran explains this is important because “students who take the PSAT tend to do much better on the SAT,” and hosting it at M-A will make it much easier for students to participate in the exam. As of now, the counselors are planning on proctoring the PSAT on this day for all of the sophomores and juniors. Previously, M-A students had to take the PSAT on a Saturday morning at M-A, which proved to be inconvenient for many, including members of boys water polo teams.


The senior class will begin their day with a group assembly featuring an inspirational speaker, leading up to “career breakout groups based on your interests.” The speakers will be determined by the surveys students will take beforehand on Naviance, the school-sponsored website that helps students plan their future and navigate the college application process.

Eventually the group will need parent or student volunteers to speak about various career opportunities. If you are interested, please contact Laura Duran at [email protected]

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  1. czelaya on February 25th, 2014 11:23 am

    I think not taking the PSAT on a saturday morning will allow student to focus more on taking the test and potentially even raise grades. I know I would have rather not taking it on a weekend- lucky underclassmen.

College and Career Day