Boys Volleyball to be Available Next Spring

Joey Ellefritz

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Earlier in the semester, M-A’s Athletic Director Steven Kryger hosted a meeting to address the possibility of adding a boys volleyball team to M-A. The team would compliment the already-present Aragon and San Mateo boys teams in the PAL division. The turnout was promising: around twenty-five students and parents attended, all excited about this new opportunity.


Every year, MA’s sports program receives requests to add a new sport to the school, often crew, ultimate Frisbee, sailing, or in this case boys volleyball. This time, its different, as Mr. Kryger states, “More people are associated with this than any other [team] we’ve had before.” The strongest support has come from the parents and incoming freshmen themselves, several of which currently play on a club team. The current varsity volleyball coach, Ron Whitmill, even expressed interest in the formation of a boys team.


Kryger also stated that the sport would be far easier to gain CIF certification for than, say, rowing. Additionally, most of the resources that would be required, M-A already has at its disposal: a functional gym, nets, and the actual volleyballs. Most of the responsibility, however, would be placed in the hands of the parents of the players. Ideally, the district is able to  provide funding for uniforms, equipment, coach salaries, and transportation costs. Until that is possible, however, families must do most of the funding.


Several open gyms were held to gauge the talent potential the current M-A students hold. The turnout was promising: 23 showed for the open gym in March, and a dozen to each subsequent open gym in April. Given the interest among the current student body, and the eager incoming students who already posses volleyball experience, the formation of an M-A Boys Volleyball team has become a very real possibility.

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One Response to “Boys Volleyball to be Available Next Spring”

  1. dbalestra on May 15th, 2014 9:49 pm

    It’s about time M-A creates a boy’s volleyball team. Next season should be really fun.

Boys Volleyball to be Available Next Spring