Captain Murphy is Unmasked

Nicky Hug

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Over the weekend it was revealed that unknown, underground rapper Captain Murphy is in fact Flying Lotus. Captain Murphy initially appeared on a track with Earl Sweatshirt called “Between Friends” that Flying Lotus produced. Speculation was abound about who it was. Flying Lotus was the most popular choice but other suggestions (especially after Captain Murphy dropped his mixtape Duality) included Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, or some combination of the three.

Over the weekend, Captain Murphy performed live for the first time at the Low End Theory in Los Angeles. While on stage, he took off his mask revealing that he is indeed Flying Lotus. He performed many songs off of “Duality,” including “Between Friends” which he brought Earl out for.

Check out the video (shot by LAStereo) of the performance:

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Captain Murphy is Unmasked