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The Heifer International Project is a great place to find your Christmas gifts. The goal of Heifer International is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. Of the many places to donate money for feeding the hungry in the World, The Heifer project has a very long and more successful history than most. The idea originated from Dan West, who was a farmer in the American Midwest and enlisted in the Spanish Civil War. His duty was to try and provide relief to the soldiers, but he quickly realized that a single cup of milk a day was not enough. And then he thought about what would happen if instead of a single cup of milk they had a cow instead. This is how it all began. Now, 70 years later, Heifer works to connect communities to create more sustainable and efficient environments. Rather than donating money, individuals will donate livestock to poverty-ridden areas all over the world. For example, if your family donates a cow for the holidays, it will be delivered to an impoverished family and allow them to become self-reliant. The cow will produce years of milk, plow their farm land and reproduce. The next step is to pass on the gift. The families who receive gifts will give their first female offspring from their livestock to another impoverished family. This means that one simple donation will in turn change the lives of many. The M-A community has the power to provide a hungry family with the means they need to survive. Pass on the gift!