Satire: Zito Steps Down, Teacher Fight Club To Determine New Principal

Will Hanley

As many already know, Principal Matthew Zito will be resigning from his position as principal of M-A at the end of the 2014 school year. After countless interviews, the district has decided to hold a “fight club styled tournament” to determine the new principal.


“We want to hire in-house” says Vice Principal Losekoot. “I don’t think we would be helping anyone if we brought in someone that the students have never met before. It should be a teacher that the students have already come to know and respect. It’s an easier transition that way. Plus, the students will have even MORE respect for him or her as they rise from the rabble of their co-workers, beaten and bloody yes, but victorious.”


Credit for the idea of a teacher fight club goes to John McBlair… obviously…


Below is the link to the official bracket for the Teacher Fight Club 2014. Weekly updates will be made on the winners and, eventually, a victor will be identified. Street rules apply. Go Bears.


Menlo-Atherton Teacher Fight Club 2014

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One Response to “Satire: Zito Steps Down, Teacher Fight Club To Determine New Principal”

  1. Sierra Sheeper on April 8th, 2014 9:03 pm

    Otsuka in fight club.. should be interesting. I think this is a very practical method of hiring.