Entertainment: Grab Bag Theater Presents “The Wizard of Oz”

Photo Credit: Steve Hoover

M-A freshman Abby Howell performs the iconic song "Over the Rainbow"

This past Friday, Grab Bag Theater opened the running of their fourth musical. Grab Bag Theater, founded in 2011, is an entirely student run theater company that, despite the challenges members faced, was excited to open “The Wizard of Oz” and was proud of what they had created.


Being a small theater company, Grab Bag Theater faces certain setbacks that other companies might not have to, such as ensuring sufficient funding. In the case of this year’s musical, it was the challenge of a small cast. Sophomore and co-director of “The Wizard of Oz,” Natalie Silverman said, “there are challenges that come along with having such a small cast, especially when the show you are doing calls for so many parts.” However, the small cast did not stop Grab Bag from putting on a fun show that showcased the talent found in the community.


“We chose to do such a known show because it attracts a larger audience,” Silverman commented. Other theaters and schools in the area, such as Hillview Middle School, have also recently put on “The Wizard of Oz,” but Silverman says, “I think Grab Bag brings something special and it is noticeable. People will want to come to compare our show to others… The shows will be very different, but there is an element that only Grab Bag can bring.”


As Sophi Bock,  stage manager for “The Wizard of Oz”, put it, “Student theater is something different because everything is resting on you. Everything is resting on you and your team of high school, middle school, and college students.” And, with all the challenges and obstacles members face, all Bock had to say was, “The reason we are working so hard is because this is something super important to us and absolutely amazing.”


I highly recommend for people to go and see this show. Grab Bag Theater once again has put on a show that shows the talent that students possess and that students can take the initiative to put on a production independently.